Monday, February 7, 2011

Vacation - Zion National Park

 After the conference, we headed out to Zion National Park to enjoy a family vacation.  Not sure going to Zion in August being 7 months pregnant and going with a 2 year old was a smart idea but who knows if we would ever get out to Utah again.  Zion is absolutely beautiful but HOT!  I think it was 95 or 100 degrees the two days we were there.  We got up early in the morning to enjoy the park for a bit.  Aiden's favorite thing was the bus.  There was no air conditioning on the bus but the windows were open.  The wind that whipped through the bus made Aiden laugh and laugh.  I think he would have liked staying on the bus all day!  While we were at the park we also practiced a lot with Aiden on walking.  Aiden is really close to walking independently.  He has been for a long time but does not want to walk by himself.  He will hold onto a hand, someone's pants or furniture to get around but is scared to take steps by himself.  We really hope we can get him to walk by himself because we know he would be so much happier. Aiden really loved Zion because he got to spend a lot of time with Mom and Dad.  Also, if you ever go out to Zion the restaurants we went to were fantastic.  I had some of the best food ever.  Go to Bit and Spur ( the tart dessert was amazing ) and the Spotted Dog Cafe ( amazing salads ).

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