Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We had two goals for Aiden over the summer:
                   1) To move into a toddler bed
                   2) Stop using a bottle

In July, we decided to buy a toddler bed for Aiden.  We wanted him to have time to slowly transition into the bed from the crib.  We would need the crib for Aiden's baby brother who would be born at the end of October. We also decided to move Aiden into a new room with the bed.  We set up the room as a "safe room" for Aiden.  No bureau to climb on or anything.  The first night it I stayed in the room until he feel asleep but the next night we just left him in his room and he fell asleep by himself.  He now usually plays for a half hour and then puts himself into his bed and go to sleep.  We are very proud of Aiden.

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