Sunday, February 6, 2011

1p36 DSA Conference - Rachel Coleman

If there is one thing I look forward to each summer is the 1p36 DSA Conference.  This is the 4th year and the conference is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have been lucky enough to also attend the last two conferences in Indianapolis, Indiana and Boston, Mass.  The conference is like a big family reunion.  Usually, 30-40 families attend and about 20 of the families attend each year.  I like listening to the speakers but having a weekend where you can see a whole bunch of children that is like yours is amazing.  We were lucky enough to have Rachel Coleman from Signing Time attend the conference and perform for the kids.

 Aiden listens to Baby Signing Time every day and I thought he would get the biggest kick out of seeing her in person.  We were able to sneak in and hear Rachel practicing.  Aiden was so excited.  He was clapping and laughing.  It was so cute.  It was like Aiden was meeting a rock star or a girl he had a big crush on.  I could not wait for her to perform.  When Rachel start her show she started telling the story on why she started Signing Time and after 15 minutes of talking, Aiden fell fast asleep on my lap.  He missed her singing all her songs :(  The goods news is we got these photos with her afterwards.  Rachel does a lot of tours so I am going to find out when she is coming to NY so I can take Aiden to see her again.

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